Tree Swing Video is a boutique videography agency located in Portland, Oregon. We create storytelling marketing videos and videos that help corporations improve and streamline their internal communications.

Our relationships--with you and with each other--are the gas that fuel our business. We operate on a foundation of open and honest communication, a bed of positivity, and a commitment to working hard to support one another in Service to our clients. We believe your experience of us is as important as the final deliverable you receive from us.


Jeany Park

Jeany started out as an actor in front of the camera and in the theatre. Some of her credits include Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Guthrie Theatre, Victory Gardens Theater, Mu Performing Arts, Penumbra Theatre, Mixed Blood Theatre, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Investigating Kingdom Hospital, Mayo Clinic, McDonald's, Target, Best Buy and General Mills.

She has translated a 15 year career spent acting, writing and producing plays to now leading a crack team that helps companies leverage the powerful medium of video to grow their business.




Geoff has held a lifelong passion for photography, and now heads up the Videography department at Tree Swing Video.

With a background in electrical engineering, he has worked at several top bio-medical engineering companies in Oregon and Minneosota. In his spare time, Geoff loves hammock camping and target archery.

I hired Tree Swing to help me create two short promotional videos. They were so fun to work with and really have the process nailed down so that it felt professional every step of the way. Not to mention, they are just good people - and I like working with good people.
— Jessica Williams, Founder of The Superwoman Project