WE produce video

But more than that, we tell your story clearly so that you connect faster to your ideal audience.

Over the years we’ve learned that the best results are achieved when our Clients are guided during every step of the video making process, so you can relax, trusting every detail is being taken care of.

While no project two projects are the same (we don’t do cookie cutter) they all do follow a tried and true process designed to get you the best results.


the Process


We start each project with a thorough consultation to identify your goals, develop your concept, and tailor your message for your script.



During pre-production we create a thorough production map, which includes building out the timeline, assembling your video team and all the necessary equipment, and scouting your location (unless we come to you, of course). This map sets the stage for a seamless project from the day of the shoot to the final delivery of files.

As needed, we can also bring in a creative director, art director, hair/makeup artist and/or wardrobe stylist.


Day of video shoot

Throughout the day (or days), we take care of the details, such as making sure there is enough coffee, providing on set direction and on camera performance coaching and giving you a peek at the raw footage so there are no unwelcome surprises for you (or us) during editing. We stay on schedule and you stay worry-free.


Editing and refinement

After we’ve done the first round of editing, we work with you collaboratively over the next 2 or 3 rounds of revisions to get your video to your satisfaction.  And we have checked in with you every step of the way to ensure that we match the vision in your head as closely as possible.


Final deliverable

Once approved, we deliver the video files in the format and/or platform you require.

Tree Swing Video takes great pride in our work. Our promise is to create professional, effective videos that highlight your brand story, and/or internal communication, and help you look good in the process.

Tree Swing Video blew me away! I was so impressed, and the video turned out great. Their attention to detail is so appreciated, and I just can’t recommend them highly enough.
— Andi Jenkins, Marketing Manager, CDI